About company


Argus Industry Ltd. provides a complete design package for plant and special purpose machinery to the Construction, Automotive, Aerospace and Oil & Gas Industries.
We are offering to our customers the most cost effective and efficient solution to design, installation and plant maintenance including upgrading the existing plant or machinery.

The client who requires a customised service, we have a team of in-house specialist engineers to develop projects to specific requirements and to carry out detailed design with a complete solution in the following:

  • A complete Turnkey package including Design and Manufacturing.
  • A solution to a robotic automation of your existing plant or new one to reduce cost production and to increase client’s profit and his productive efficiency.
  • Manufacturing Machinery/Equipment & Tooling & Guarding.
  • A complete Onsite Installation and Commissioning service with training of client’s personnel.
  • Upgrading the existing plant with new machinery or introducing new machinery according to client’s technical requirements.

Argus Industry Ltd.  has completed a wide range of projects for the Construction, Automotive, Aerospace and Oil & Gas Industries – the effective engineering design has been a key to the overall success of the company.
All manufactured equipment is tested at workshop areas. The client is able to simulate a factory environment where potential problems can be identified prior to installation. This reduces the risk of disrupting production and allows for quicker, more efficient installation on site.

Our services are tailored individually to cater for the customer’s specific needs.

Argus Industry Ltd. can also provide finance to our clients for our major joint projects.

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