Friction Welding Machine

Linear Friction Welding

Linear Friction Welding (LFW) of steel, aluminum,aluminum copper friction welding, titanium and other materials. Linear friction welding is now being applied worldwide by major aeroengine manufacturers for joining turbine blades to discs.

Model 8

Accurately welds small diameter components including air bag canisters, engine valves, shock absorbers and twist drills. Modern, sliding carriage machine enables excellent access for manual or automatic loading.

Model 15

Ideal for friction welding small components such as air bag canisters, electrical connectors, engine valves, drive shafts and gear levers.

Model 50/60

Friction welds small hydraulic ram rods, propshafts, axles, steering components, drill rods and gear clusters. Welds dissimilar materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminium.

Model 60H

Specially designed for welding hydraulic piston rods and cylinder components.Friction welds a solid diameter range of 25 -75mm and tubes up to 140mm in diameter.

Model 80

Versatile, heavy-duty machine suitable for friction welding construction and commercial truck components including trailer axles, large hydraulic ram rods and cylinders, hydraulic piston rods and drill pipe.

Model 125

Suitable for friction welding large components such as truck axle housings and trailer axle tubes, hydraulic cylinder piston rods and construction machine track rollers.

Model 250

Thompson’s largest machine in the range with a maximum forging force of 300 tonnes. Suitable for friction welding large diameter API drill pipe, track rollers, high torque drive shafts, hydraulic cylinders and piston rods, and aluminium to steel anodes.