ZBO U15 drilling rig designed for technological underground drilling down, up and under any angle fully replaces import analogs and compared to them has the following advantages:

  • modular explosion proof design for use in aggressive environments;
  • complex supply with a set of drilling tools;
  • service;
  • ZBO U15 price is lower than of similar imported models.

Due to compact size and power drilling rig can be used in limited space conditions. Modular design and several equipment options allow to use ZBO U15 also for exploration drilling.


Technical specifications

Parameters Technological drilling options Exploration drilling options
Rotating speed, rpm up to 400 up to 1200
Torque, nm up to 4200 up to 1590
Drilling range -90о; +90о  -90о; +90о
Maximum force (up, down) kN 15 15
Operating force kN 7 7
Winch load capacity, tn 0,5 1,0
Rod length, mm 1500 1500
Max drilling depth, m up to 500 800 (BQ) and 600 (NQ)
Dimentions, mm
Drill block 3250х1050х1620
Power block 3050х1050х1875
Control panel 690х840х1500
Weight , kg
Drill block 3600
Power block 2200
Control panel 400
Additional options Mechanical or hydraulic spacers, the ability to install drilling telemetry system